A Peace Treaty was born while it's founders were both living in Rome. They create employment for skilled artisans in places of socio-political strife. Their products are of high design level, created for an exclusive international fashion audience. Inspiration comes from the hand-crafting cultures of the Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa. The designers share a love of fashion and a desire to increase awareness of ancient, disappearing crafting traditions. The founders have set about connecting discerning fashion connoisseurs with boutique level artifacts from places typically seen negatively through the media lens. Each season, they travel to a new region, seeking local artisans who use ancient handmade techniques at risk of extinction. Now working with craftspeople in eight countries they inject life and trade back into local economies. They employ artisans with fair trade wages and create income for out-of-work artisans, disabled and widowed women. This collection was inspired by the designers' Tripolian heritage.

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