About Souvenir®

sou·ve·nir /ˌso͞ovəˈni(ə)r/
An object kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event. A keepsake, remembrance, memento, token or memory.

Leaving on a jet plane...on the road again...a thousand miles away.  Inspired by gypsetters and nomads, we daydream of the eternal vacation.  From climbing Mt. Everest to sailing Saint-Tropez, there are infinite destinations to be explored.  We welcome you to escape with us.

SOUVENIR® is a contemporary concept boutique and fashion brand evolving from world travel and local experiences.  We scour the globe for high quality, unique items.  We scout true artisans and new works of art, inspired by their local surroundings.  

Our products are precious and to be kept forever, like a memory.  Our brand is not about fast fashion or fleeing trends.  We curate the best for you, to fit your personal style.  Let us remind you of where you've been or inspire you where to go.  Don't wait for a vacation to enjoy life and don't forget your SOUVENIR®

Bon Voyage!