Average life expectancy in Japan is one of the highest in the world. Japanese people live an average of 4 years longer than Americans.  Some Japanese companies conduct a morning exercise session for the workers to prepare them for the day's work.  More than 70% of Japan consists of mountains, including more than 200 volcanos.  Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and is also an active volcano.  Sumo wrestling is Japan's national sport.  Ovens are not nearly as common as rice cookers in Japanese households.  The Japanese people eat rice at most meals including breakfast.  There are about 1500 earthquakes each year in Japan.  Japan is the largest consumer of Amazon rainforest timber.  The country is the largest producer of automobiles in the world.  Geisha means "person of the arts" and the first geisha were actually men.
STAY / Asaba Hotel

 RELAX / Ocean Dome Indoor Beach

Imagine a beach where the sky is always blue, it’s never too hot or cold, the water isn’t filled with salt and pollution, and the surf is always perfect – welcome to Ocean Dome, the world’s only indoor beach. Ocean Dome has its own flame-spitting volcano, crushed white marble "sand", and it also boasts the world’s largest retractable roof, providing a permanently blue sky. Temperature, wind and humidity are closely controlled to provide an ultra-safe "sea-side" experience.  Every hour, the volcano erupts and the hi-tech wave machines start up, starting a few minutes of sanitised surfing.  Entrance costs US$50, which seems especially expensive given that there is a free, natural beach only 300 metres away.

SEE / Katsushika Hokusaikan Museum in Obuse

A painter and Ukiyo-e artist. Ukiyo-e is a genre of Japanese traditional painting which was established in the Edo period (1603 ~ 1868). They were mostly woodblock prints and were affordable as they could be mass-produced. On the other hand, some were painted by hand. As they were one of a kind, they were highly valuable if painted by a popular artist. Hokusai was the leading Ukiyo-e artist with his undisputed ability for painting and designing. It is said he created about 30,000 Ukiyo-e in 90 years of his life. He had a great influence on artists such as Van Gogh and Claude Monet, impressionists and Émile Gallé, a glass artist. In 1976, Hokusaikan Museum opened in Obuse where Hokusai spent later years.  Tourist attractions with quaint atmosphere such as Nozawa Hot Spring and Zenko-ji Temple are grouped in the area around the museum. 

TASTE / Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum
Sake is a called a "rice wine" but it's actually brewed more like a beer.  Kobe's Nada district is Japan's top sake producing region. It has long been famous for its sake due to the availability of high quality rice, suitable water and favorable weather conditions in the area. Its proximity to Kobe Port and Osaka has also facilitated physical distribution since olden times. Some open a store and/or exhibition room to the public, and allow guests to taste their sake. A couple of them also maintain a museum, where the process of sake brewing is introduced.

 EXPERIENCE /  Miyajima Island.  A Shinto shrine off the coast of Hiroshima.

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