FACTS /  Nepal is in south Asia, located in the HImalayas and bordered to the north by China and India.  Across the Himalayas lies the Tibetan Autonomous region.  Kathmandu is the nations capital and largest metropolis.

SEE / The Himalayas

EXPLORE / Climb Mt. Everest with a tour group and stay at Everest Summit Lodges.
EXPERIENCE / Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations in the world which can be enhanced with proper place to rest and relax.  Yeti Mountain Retreat is a great one.  Their luxury homes are situated above the clouds at the world's highest altitudes, offering panoramic views of the highest mountains in the world. The Khumbu/Everest region of Nepal is enriched with cultural values and aspects of Sherpa. Situated in the Everest region, Yeti Mountain Homes provides an opportunity to learn about the culture and tradition of the Sherpa people.

VISIT / Khatmandu

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