FACTS /   Peru is one of South America’s top tourist destinations. Most visitors come here to explore that most fabled of ancient citadels, Machu Picchu, but the revered Inca site is just a taster of the country’s colossal banquet of attractions. There is wilderness adventure in abundance, from Amazon treks to Andean hikes, as well as other heritage and cultural offerings, including the Kuelap mountain fortress at Chachapoya and the ancient mud city of Chan Chan. There are cosmopolitan and fashion-forward cities, coastal surf havens, beach resorts and highland towns, as well as a long-standing textile heritage and an irresistible culinary scene that has gifted the world with such beloved delicacies as ceviche and Pisco sours.


STAY /  The chic and design-focused Hotel B is set in Barranco, a vibrant boho district of Lima and a popular hangout for artists, designers, photographers and other bohemian types. Housed in an early 20th century mansion, the intimate Hotel B is a stylish place to spend a few days. Eclectic paintings and striking sculptures are thoughtfully placed throughout the building, while the tasteful rooms are luxuriously appointed. Attentive staff, an excellent small restaurant and a roof deck with views of the city and nearby Pacific Ocean bolster the hotel’s appeal, while the quirky shopping scene and growing number of galleries makes the neighborhood a must-visit.



 SHOP /   Kingdom of the Sun & Moon our one of a kind little finds sourced from artisans of Peru.


EXPERIENCE / Cusco & Machu Pichu
After visiting the Mira Flores in Lima, you can take a plane to Cusco.  Once you are there you must stay over night and rest because of the elevation adjustment.  If you decide to take a tour at Machu Pichu, you can take a beautiful scenic train ride through the country side of the Andes.  After a bus ride to the top you will be at the top of Machu Picchu and walk a grand tour of one of the seven wonders of the world.  Wear hiking shoes, cool clothes, a hat and some sunscreen.  Make sure you have an extra battery for your camera or phone, because its a long tour.  Don't forget to end your trip with a nice Pisco Sour, Peru's own special drink.


SEE /  The ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu is, for many, the pinnacle of a trip to Peru. Sure, visiting here is not a novel idea – the path is well and truly beaten – but it is a worthwhile one. The trek up the Inca trail is arduous but when you arrive at the Andean plateau where the ancient city stands and look across at the spectacular panorama of surrounding forested peaks, the ache of tired muscles will melt away. Despite the site’s esteemed status among travelers, it is still imbued with an undeniable air of mystery and intrigue.



 EXPLORE / Lake Titicaca

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