FACTS / Savannah, also known as the Southern Belle of the Georgia Coast, is the oldest city in Georgia. Every year this quaint city attracts millions of visitors to its parks, cobblestone streets, and historic buildings.



SEE /  Forsyth Park is the largest park in Savannah's historic district. Take a stroll beneath the looming Spanish moss shrouded trees, enjoy a live concert, or just bathe in the sun. Forsyth Park provides a relaxing environment for all leisurely activities.  The Forsyth Park Fountain is the park's most notable feature. 


EXPLORE / River Street is so charming, it will have you questioning whether or not you might have accidentally ended up in Paris. Lined with cobblestone, cafes, boutiques, and restaurants, River Street is a great place to enjoy the day. 




EXPERIENCE / In 1733, Savannah was carefully gridded into wide streets containing over 20 public squares. Who knew that the brilliant infrastructure established then would make it so much easier for people to explore and become infatuated with the city. Savannah can be explored via trolley tours, horse carriage, or a good old fashioned walk through the parks.  



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