FACTS /  Spain is synonymous with sun, sea and sand. There are 3084.4 miles (4964 kilometers) of coastline, including the popular golden sands of the Costa Brava in the north east and the Costa del Sol in the south, making it the perfect destination for a beach getaway. But gorgeous beaches aren’t all it has to offer. Remembered for its conquests in South America and enduring impact on the continent’s language and culture, Spain also has a rich Arab influence to its architecture and language, having been governed by Muslim rulers in parts from 711 to 1492. With its appealing mix of natural beauty and culture, combined with eclectic nightlife scenes and cities that embody contemporary cool, it’s no surprise that this remarkable country attracted more than 57 million tourists in 2012 alone.
DESTINATIONS IN SPAINBarcelona  /  Madrid  /  Santiago  /  Valencia  /  The Canary Islands  /  Ibiza  /  The Basque Country  /  Majorca

STAY / The five-star Ohla Hotel is just a metro ride away from the stunning unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral. From the oasis of its glass-paneled rooftop pool, you can look across at the grand boulevards of Barcelona and at Gaudi’s fantastical masterpiece, which towers above the city. The neoclassical hotel building is decorated with countless surreal ‘eye’ sculptures by designer Frederic Amat and its chic and modern rooms offer even more eye-catching city vistas.

SEE / Take in the breathtaking views of Barcelona on Montjuic Hill, a historic vantage point overlooking the city. Here you will get a sense of the true scale of Barcelona’s wonderful architecture and vast size. There is also plenty to do here: Visit Montjuic Castle, the National Art Museum of Catalonia or go for a swim in the same pool where the 1992 Olympics were held and where Kylie Minogue filmed her video for SlowWhat’s more, all the attractions on Montjuic Hill have their own fantastic vistas. 


PLAY / Malaga’s beaches are perfect for chilling out or for getting the adrenaline pumping. One of the most popular stretches is La Malagueta, near the city center. Don a bathing suit and mingle with the sun worshippers who flock to this patch of coastline. After a few hours of relaxing, basking in the sun and soaking up the boho beach vibes, cool off with a bout of kite surfing or even scuba diving. If you fancy a break from land, take a boat trip out into the warm Mediterranean waters.

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