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African Mini Herb Baskets

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 Each basket is approximately 3.5 inches Tall by 2.5 inches Wide. Each collection contains 3 baskets.

Only one weaver in Zululand, Hlengiwe Simelane, makes these beautifully detailed miniature herb baskets.

This type of looser weave basket has been used by the Zulu people of South Africa for hundreds of years to store herbs and spices. They decoratively look great in sets of 3 or more on a shelf, counter or table. Weaving is usually done as a family or community activity after the work is done in the fields. The tradition is usually passed from mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter.

Sourcing of these baskets in Zululand, South Africa is challenging to say the least. Hundreds of miles are driven on dirt roads to go village to village and hut to hut collecting baskets from each individual weaver.

The quality of weaving and size of basket combine to determine prices on these stunning creations.
You will receive this exact collection of 3 baskets.


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African Mini Herb Baskets -  - 3

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