Woven Covered Coil Pot 9" -  - 1

Woven Covered Coil Pot 9"

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This pot or khamba with lid was created by masterweaver Alfred Ntuli. He is one of the most inventive coil method wire weavers in South Africa.  Handwoven out of wire similar to telephone wire, the mezmerizing colors and patterns put a modern twist on traditional basket weaving in South Africa. Sometimes called 'hard wire' baskets for the stiffness of the walls, weavers wrap coils of telephone wire around a solid metal core, which results in the substantial weight of this basket. This technique lends itself to the weaving of patterns made famous by traditional Zulu beadwork and also the weaving of pictorial baskets. This basket style is the most time consuming of all the wire baskets to weave. Wash gently with warm soapy water.

In the larger sizes, adding just one row to the outer rim while weaving can take 10 times longer than a row at the inside. This is why you will see the prices get exponentially higher as the sizes get larger. Just adding an inch to this type of basket could represent an extra week or more of work on a large basket.

Born in 1953 in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Alfred was taught to weave by his next-door neighbor, master telephone-wire weaver Bheki Dlamini. Zulu telephone-wire weaving evolved from traditional hand woven grass beer pot covers (tzinkamba). In the 1950s, weavers innovated the disc-like shapes by making baskets from telephone wire instead of grass.  Alfred creates containers whose form mimics traditional beer pots, embellishing his extraordinary wire vessels with designs and colors that reflect the traditional beadwork of the Maphumulo area of KwaZulu-Natal.

This object is unique and one of a kind.  Once it is sold, there will not be another made with the exact color and pattern design.  You will receive this exact basket.  Approximately 9 inches Across X 8 inches Deep.  Colors are pink, blue, turquoise, white and black

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