Zulu Palm Herb Basket 5" -  - 1

Zulu Palm Herb Basket 5"

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 Approximately 6 inches Tall X 7 inches Wide

To create this traditional basket, weavers use strips of naturally waxy palm fronds wrapped around coils of wild grasses. Some baskets are still used for liquid storage in the rural areas of South Africa. Watertight baskets are readied by rubbing wet cornmeal inside. When liquid is added, the coils swell. Some leaks through, evaporates, and cools the contents.

Designs carry cultural significance and many large baskets are traditionally given at weddings. All natural dyes are made from materials as diverse as flower petals and mud. Some colors are very rare due to difficulty in obtaining enough of the dying materials, other colors are only available certain times of year when specific flowers bloom or other conditions are satisfied to grow and harvest the materials used in the creation of the dyes.

Collection of these baskets in Zululand, South Africa is challenging to say the least. Hundreds of miles are driven on dirt roads to go village to village and hut to hut collecting baskets from each individual weaver.

The quality of weaving and size of basket combine to determine prices on these stunning creations.
You will receive this exact basket.


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